Recruitment and Human Resource Partner

Tern Immigration has partnered with Biz 2 Biz Links INC to help with recruitment of temporary international workers to Canada. Companies in Canada at times turn to international workers on a temporary basis to fill a gap in the workforce. If you are interested in working in Canada, please drop us your resume below.

Please note, we do not promise any jobs. Please do not contact us asking for updates. If there is a position suitable to your profile, you will be contacted

However, if you believe you are a skilled worker, you are also kindly requested to check your eligibility to migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program.

Realty Investment Partner

Tern Immigration has a strategic partnership in place to offer individuals/families interested in starting their real estate investment journey in Canada. We work with Mr. Kyle Dacey who is a licensed and experienced Realtor and Real Estate Investor.

“My role is to pull together people and resources to acquire income generating real estate for the benefit of my team and individual investors.

Typical joint venture partners are business owners and professionals looking to acquire additional assets. Commonly they lack the time and focus to pursue real estate, but recognize the tremendous benefit of ownership. Typically they are also fed up with lack lustre or highly variable returns from stocks and funds, either inside or outside of RRSP accounts.

Typical annual returns realized are 20 to 30% and greater. JV partners are hands-off and/or benefit from direct training on processes to uncover value in niche markets, then acquire, market, and manage profitable, positive cash-flowing real estate in highly competitive and attractive markets across Ontario.

I am a licensed Realtor and long time real estate investor. My resources include a solid team of real estate focused lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, property managers, and skilled trades.”